About Me

My name is Sina. I was born and grew up in the South of Germany.

My mom gave me the passion for nature, herbs and art on my way.

After finishing school I moved to Berlin and made my Bachelor in organic agriculture and marketing.

Besides my studies I worked on a farm and an urban gardening project. After five years in such a big city I heard

the call of nature and moved to my partner in Sweden. Where I lived and worked for the last four years. I worked as a vegetable gardener/ farmer on a farm one hour from Stockholm.

Last year I finally made an education to become a certified herbalist. Since I was a small child I was fascinated by the tales and power of herbs. During the last year I finally could combine both and held several herbal walks with a focus on the use and mythology of our most common herbs. I hope to continue on this path in Germany.

On this blog I share my deep passion for a sustainable, organic and vegan lifestyle close to nature.