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New Beginnings

We made it! Finally after a four day trip we arrived with all our stuff in South Germany. After over four years living in Sweden we moved now to South Germany where my family lives and I was born and grew up. In less then a month I will start a new education to become a gardener specialized in perennials. After over four years working as a vegetable gardener in Sweden I just felt like I need a new start and learn something new.
We now temporarily live at my moms place but we already started to search for apartments. I guess first when living in a own apartment we will realize that we actually live here. Besides of the apartment hunt there is a lot of boring and time consuming bureaucratic stuff to do. Since we arrived a bit over a week ago we had appointments nearly every day. I hope soon we will have a bit time for ourselves and can explore the area. I am so happy that I finally can share the beauty of the area I grew up in with Victor.
A highligt was my dads wedding last weekend. I had the honour to make some flower bouquets for the weddings lunch/dinner table. The perfect thing is that is takes not even 5 minutes from my moms house and we see nothing more than fields. It was an easy one to find some wild flowers for the bouquets and luckily the local farmers discovered the importance of wild flowers. Nearly ever field is framed by bee loving flowers such as sunflowers or “calendulas”. My current favourite is “queen anne’s lace” it is such a beauty.




and the finished result -seven little bouquets-

Besides of all the appointments we enjoy to have nature that close. My moms house is just five minutes away from a little lake. And there is nothing more refreshing then having a morning swim. And our meals are filled with organic goodness from my moms garden. The varieties of tomatoes she has are amazing. All old heirloom sorts and so beautiful. I hope I soon manage to take a few pictures of some of my favourite places in the area. The last week was just too stressful. Hope you guys all have a beautiful summer!